Physical Therapy - Students

The student fees store for the University of Alberta Department of Physical Therapy.
  Name Price # Available Number
  MScPT Mandatory Refundable Bone Deposit

A $50.00 bone deposit fee is required from all students prior to the release of a set of bones for the PTHER 516 Anatomy course.  The deposit will be refunded after PTHER 516 upon return of the complete and undamaged set of bones.

$50.00/Deposit 9286
  MScPT Mandatory Student Instructional Support Fees
A $200.00 mandatory student instructional support fee is required from all students for successful registration in the MScPT program.  This is a one time fee upon entry to the program.
$200.00/Fee 9291
  ID Badge Replacement Fee $10.00/Fee 191

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